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We hold absolutely to the fact that if anyone ever gets "fired" from Battlecast, it'll be James. Why? LOOK AT THE FUCKING CHARACTERS HE PICKS OMG WTF?!?

Yes, he also does horrifically moronic stuff that makes for great stories but really? N fucking SYNC? Ok fine. You do you James.

Through the power of music, NSYNC (James) comes out to the setting for Umbrella's T-Virus outbreak from Resident Evil to take on the sorta-blind maniacal madman, Riddick (Andy).

Start inflating, the stewardess will be with you shortly. It's time for Battlecast.

Warning: Teenage versions of the BC boys were arguably even sicker. And not like socal sick. Just sick.

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-4, Andy 2-2, James 4-1

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We would like to publicly apologize for the fact that every single episode of this show quickly devolves into wiener-jokes. We never intended this to happen, but apparently if you put a few pathetically immature dudes in a room together, eventually they just start talkin' 'bout peens.

Thankfully that's not allll we talk about on this week's episode. We also battle. One of the greatest thing to come out of the 90s, Earthworm Jim, takes on another great child of the 90s, Agent Smith from The Matrix trilogy. Hey and for once we're actually timely on a cultural reference and we're fighting at Coachella 2015. Hooray, us!!

So apply the ointment while we prep the cortizone, it's time for Bonercast. Battleboner. Bonerbattle. Battlecast. Yeah that one.


Warning: Prepare to miss Dirk.

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-3, Andy 2-2, James 3-1

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Ever wondered what it would be like to spend an afternoon in Andy's room in Toy Story? Us neither. Also this episode won't satisfy that craving at all. Frankly, I don't know why I opened this description with that question. I blame the pain killers I'm on. WOOOOOO. It's the dynamic rodent duo Pinky and the Brain (Andy) vs. the enigmatic slave to his all-powerful father's wishes, The Prince (Dan) from the Katamari Damacy series. As previously stated, this thang-a-rang goes down in the Toy Story universe.

Pucker up your buns and pop in some ear-buds, cuz this Battlecast shiz be NSFW as F.



Warning: Heavy debate over the best Toy Story movie.

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-2, Andy 1-2, James 3-1
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Yes, we are all tearing through House of Cards right now. But why not take a break and see how ol' Francis Underwood (Andy) would handle duking it out against one of Batman's arch-nemesises, The Scarecrow (James). And heck- why not have the whole thing go down on the set of Saturday Night Live?! Why not indeed...

Tie one on and inject your veins with the warm gooey goodness that is Battlecast.


Warning: Emotions run hot toward the end there.

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-2, Andy 1-1, James 2-1
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