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We're not going to lie and say that this is a good episode. We will, however, lie and say that it's a decent episode.


Dan, Andy, and Dave tool around Comic Con forcing cosplayers to fight each other. Also a guy playing drums on a streetlight gave Dan a few shots of the Fireball in his pants. Also we saw Donal Logue. Also Andy can't speak English.


Thanks to Jeff Rector, San Diego's Zombee, and The Pod Brother for chatting with us.


Warning: We know this episode is meandering and unlistenable... but you never know when a certain Futurama Space-TWO-cuLRRR may come out. This week. Ok, you do know.

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4 (Andy) vs. 3 (Dan) vs. 2 (James)


You know the rules, people. Each of our winning characters from throughout Season 2 are back as our respective champions. Who shall reign victorious and inherit that mostly shitty Katana that Andy bought last season as a trophy for himself? Probably not James.


Warning: Space AIDS. You know, Space Age AIDS.


Record after last episode... James 2-4, Andy 4-2, Dan 3-3.



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Pam (Andy) vs. Ganondorf (Dan) in Hell.


As if listening to us jackasses wasn't hell enough already, this week's battle takes place in aaaactual Hell as represented by classic Italian poet, Dante. Archer's H.R. Lady and all around debaucherous badass, Pam Poovey, drags Hyrule's Lord of the Dark Arts, Ganondorf, through the nine rings of hell in this week's episode.


Warning: Open couch-surfing offer at Andy's house. Inquire within.


Record after last episode... James 2-4, Andy 4-1, Dan 2-3.



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Derek Jeter (Woods) vs. Commander Shepard (James) in Las Vegas.


You know him from Cantore + Woods and as morning DJ of San Diego's FM 94/9, Steven Woods joins the Battlecast boys for an extra specialiciuos episode. One of greatest baseballers of all time, Derek Jeter, faces the fury that is Mass Effect's proven protagonist, Commander Shepard. 


Warning: Cocaine and Bitches and free iPads


Record after last episode... James 1-4, Andy 4-0, Dan 2-3.



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