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It's Christmas, everybody! We celebrate by using an all X-Mas themed wheel which happened to land on A Charlie Brown Christmas for this week's battleground. It's f-Zero All-Star Captain Falcon (James) vs. the super-charged stooge Deadpool (Andy).


Warning: Let's all remember the true meaning of Christmas... Santa's Birthday!


Records after last episode:

Dan 2-2, Andy 1-3, James 3-1
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One of the most played games in south-east Asia meets one of the least known movies in north-west Everywhere. It's Harry Waters (Andy [way to pick someone everyone loves and adores!!!!]) vs The Queen of Blades, Sarah Kerrigan (Dan). It all takes place at the Battle of New York from the Avengers.


Warning: Dan makes up for being late by telling the best stories ever heard.


Records after last episode:

Dan 1-2, Andy 1-2, James 3-1
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Warning: Not for the faint of heart..

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-1, Andy 1-2, James 2-1
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Haaaaaaaaaaappy Late as F Thanksgiving!!! Yes, we know, that was like a week ago, but see if we care!... On this week's episode, Andy takes immediate advantage of the new Dirkeo rule fighting as Agent Coulson from the Marvel/Avengers universe. In honor of the release of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, James picked Little Mac.


Oh yeah!! And it alllll takes place at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! So timely it hurts!

Warning: Extended Andy Story-time.

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-1, Andy 0-2, James 2-0
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You may remember... in eons past... when a man named Beau aka DJ Man-Cat graced our show with his presence. Today he makes his triumphant return to the show as guest judicator. Our battleground is the Hunger Games arena (so timely, huh?).

Also! A new rule we decided upon allows Dirk to step in as a "Dirkeo" (Dirk + Cameo) for each of us once per season. Dan takes his Dirkeo to fight against Andy. It's Nikola Tesla (Dirk) vs. Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski in a battle of brains on bongs!

Warning: It's Man-Cat Time!!!!

Records after last episode:
Dan 0-1, Andy 0-1, James 2-0
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In honor of Dan getting the biggest compliment of his life from last week's guest (who compared him to Chris Pratt...), he chose Star-Lord as his weekly warrior. James picked some weird little girl from some League of Legends crap because he's James. JK LoL is pretty solid. But the worst pick of all was Andy's choice for us to fight in the town where Gilmore Girls took place. Stars Hollow. I feel my testicles shriveling just typing it.

Warning: Dirk's Boss came to crash the party.

Records after last episode:
Dan 0-0, Andy 0-1, James 1-0
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Here's some bonus content for you guys. Because we love you. And because Andy was dyyyyying to ask Dan to retell a story he told off the air.



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Season 4 of Battlecast is here! OMG OMG OMG!!! On top of that, we have one of our favorite guests ever in studio fighting on James's behalf. Andy Schatz, the owner of Pocketwatch Games (known for the award winning, much adored and highly acclaimed indy game, Monaco) We have martial artist and action movie star, Steven Seagal (Andy) vs. famed nature documentarian, David Attenborough (Andy Schatz). Oh yeah, and we're battling inside the works of Dr. Suess! Mostly the Butter Battle Book.

Warning: Andy Prime is way too rad.

Records after last episode:
Dan 0-0, Andy 0-0, James 0-0
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Mike Haggar (James) vs. Randy Marsh (Dirk) vs. Wario (Dan) inside Salvador Dali's paintings.

In honor of the great month of Movember, we bring you this lovely little mustachesterpiece of an episode. Three mustachioed gents throw down in one of the most prolific mustached-man's art. Yes, there are melty clocks and tigers jumping out of pomegranates. Yes, there are ants crawling out of vaginas. And yes, we like to think it was all for a good cause.


Warning: It gets real gross real fast.



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Moe (James) vs. Rainier Wolfcastle (Dave) vs. Professor Frink (Andy) vs. Krusty the Klown (Dan) at the Nuclear Power Plant.

I wish we could have had the foresight to make this a Simpsons episode AAAAND a Halloween themed episode, but we're much too stupid for that. Instead we have a clown, a genius, a bartender, and a german actor going head-to-head in a nuclear power plant. Pretty enticing, eh? Yes. The answer is yes.


Warning: We're sorry.



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