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Moe (James) vs. Rainier Wolfcastle (Dave) vs. Professor Frink (Andy) vs. Krusty the Klown (Dan) at the Nuclear Power Plant.

I wish we could have had the foresight to make this a Simpsons episode AAAAND a Halloween themed episode, but we're much too stupid for that. Instead we have a clown, a genius, a bartender, and a german actor going head-to-head in a nuclear power plant. Pretty enticing, eh? Yes. The answer is yes.


Warning: We're sorry.



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4 (Andy) vs. 3 (Dan) vs. 2 (James)

You know the rules, people. Each of our winning characters from throughout Season 3 are back as our respective champions. Andy's team of four includes Gob BLuth, Mr. Burns, Viewtiful Joe, and half the cast of Top Gear. Dan's three-man squad is Piccolo, Darth Vader, and Blossom and Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls. Lastly, James pitiful twosome is Zach Morris and Nathan Drake. To the winner goes the spoils! Meaning the Katana Trophy and a spoonful of pride.

Warning: James paints a lovely picture of heaven.

Record after last episode... James 2-4, Andy 4-2, Dan 3-3.


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We welcome back our favorite guest (and much needed relief from James's bullshit) Jimmy Callaway! He tries on his ajudicating hat for this episode which takes place in Ghostbusters HQ. It's Bruce Lee's trainer Ip Man (Andy) vs. Piccolo (Dan) in a martial arts showdown with ghosts and ghouls and possibly a Spirit Bomb that takes 6 weeks to occur. Also get on Netflix and watch Ip Man if you haven't. Super good.

Warning: Did Andy imply he'd use Slimer's slime as lube?

Records after last episode:
Dan 2-3, Andy 4-1, James 2-4
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