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Frasier. Seinfeld. Friends. What do they all mean?


Hell if we know- we just make them engage in mortal combat... Andy as Chandler Bing, Dan as George Costanza, and Dirk as Dr. Frasier Crane- it's the Sitcom Showdown to end all Sitcom Showdowns. Also for some reason the fight takes place at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Minneapolis. We'll explain.


Warning: Some of the best stories in Battlecast history.

Enjoy and Tell a Nerdy Friend!

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What on earth do you mean, Resurrection Cast?


Isn't it obvious?! We get to pick characters from the past that have died and if we win with them- we get to use them in Season 5! Pretty rad-badical, no? Andy has brought back to life, the trundling flop-master, Dick-Butt. James picks his favorite (and everyone elses least favorite) Lady Gaga. Lastly, Dan chose the first character to ever die on the show- Space Ghost.

Warning: Dan's childhood was sad.

Enjoy and Tell a Nerdy Friend!

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4 (Dan) vs. 3.5ish (James) vs. 2 (Andy)

You know the rules, people. Each of our winning characters from throughout Season 4 are back as our respective champions. Dan's team of four includes Raphael, Nicola Tesla, Sarah Kerrigan, and Bowser. James's three-and-a-half-man squad is Annie, Deadpool, and the mortally wounded Captain Falcon. Last and most definitely least, Andy's gruesome two-some stands with Deadpool and Agent Coulson. To the winner goes the spoils! Meaning the Katana Trophy and a spoonful of pride.

Warning: WHAT of the month club?

Record after last episode... Andy 2-4, Dan 4-2, James 3.5-3.


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Oops, we did it again. Broke the 4th wall that is. Our fearless leader Dan Brozo (Andy) has fallen through the infamous and much debated "4th wall", landing himself squarely in the center of a battle against THE King Koopa, Bowser (Rob). The wheel put us in Shadow Moses... the setting of Metal Gear Solid for this match against two reptilian ginger tyrants.

The Shyamalanian twist is that Andy is playing as Dan fighting against Rob playing for Dan. What? It's all here in this pamphlet.


Warning: Lotsa porn talk in this one...


Records after last episode:

Dan 3-2, Andy 2-3, James 3-3
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Happy New Year!! We reign in 2015 with a battle between everyone's favorite marshmallowy super-thing, Kirby (Dirk) and a teenagiest mutantest ninjaiest turtliest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle of them all, Raphael (Dan). It all takes place on the satellite of love from Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Warning: ORGASM!


Records after last episode:

Dan 2-2, Andy 2-3, James 3-2
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