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Beetlejuice (Dan) vs. Steve-O (James) at World Cup 2014.


Two of the gnarliest and often yuckiest men in show-business, Jack-Ass's Steve-O and Beetlejuice, "match up" in Brazil at World Cup Stadium (you know, the main one or something). Be prepared for things going in butts, butts going on things, and other configurations of butts and things. 


Warning: Gooooooooooooool!


Record after last episode... James 1-3, Andy 4-0, Dan 1-3.



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Gambit (Dan) vs. Scott Pilgrim (Andy) at Pride Parade.


In honor of James's latent homophobia, we find ourselves facing off at the Gay Pride Parade on this week's installment of Battlecast. Gambit of the X-Men calls Scott Pilgrim's hand in a game of good old American Russian Roulette. Will it roll Snake Eyes? Jackpot.


Warning: Anachronistic Pepsi references.


Record after last episode... James 1-3, Andy 3-0, Dan 1-2.




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Ender (Andy) vs. Akuma (James) at the house from Home Alone.


This week we bring you a very special Father's Day episode featuring heart-warming stories about dads fighting children and girls. Also we battle. Defender(?) of Earth, Ender Wiggin weighs up against demonic martial artist Akuma from Street Fighter.


Warning: Dr. Mario Spaghetti.


Record after last episode... James 1-2, Andy 2-0, Dan 1-2.



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Tommy D (Jimmy Callaway) vs. Hunter S. Thompson (Dan) in Dunder Mifflin from The Office.


James got too Hollywood for us and left so we had fellow podcaster, comedian and comic-book store employee extroadinaire, Jimmy Callaway, swoop his spot. Tommy D as played by Joe Pesci played by Jimmy Callaway butts heads with Hunter S. Thompson as played by Johnny Depp played by Dan in the Dunder Mifflin building.


Warning: Sugar Ray references.


Record after last episode... James 0-2, Andy 2-0, Dan 1-1.



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Qui-Gon Jinn (Jacob Sirof) vs. Inspector Clouseau (James) on The Island from Lost


SPECIAL GUEST ALERT!!! The very funny and incredibly talented Jacob Sirof unleashes the Force as his favorite Star Wars character, Qui-Gon Jinn, against Andy's bumbling idiot of a protagonist... The Pink Panther himself- Inspector Clouseau. 


Warning: Eye-fucking?


Record after last episode... James 0-2, Andy 1-0, Dan 1-0.



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