Battlecast presented by Meltdown Comics

Zero (Dan) vs. Tommy Oliver (James) at Evergreen Terrace of The Simpsons.


The legendary Maverick Hunter Zero takes on the most badass Power Ranger in existence, Tommy Oliver.


Warning: Epic as Fuck.


Record after the last episode is Dan 0-2, James 2-0, Andy 1-1



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Danaerys Targaryen (Andy) vs. Scorpion (James) at Goldeneye's Facility.

Beauty (plus dragons) takes on the beastly hellspawn ninja that is Scorpion.


Record after the last episode is Dan 0-2, James 1-0, Andy 1-0



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S01E02 Bill Nye vs. Calvin

Bill Nye (Dan) vs. Calvin (Andy) at DayZ's Chernarus.

Science vs. Imagination in this week's brawl. Takes place in zombified Russian wasteland, Chernarus.

Episode opens with us yelling at each other about Tim Burton.

Record after episode 1 is Dan-0, James-1, Andy-0


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S01E01 Space Ghost vs. Jack Bauer

Space Ghost (Dan) vs. Jack Bauer (James) at Minecraft (Battlecast Mod).

Some rules:

We rotate between representing characters and judging the fights.

The battleground is randomly assigned and often dictates the "rule set" we'll follow.

A coin flip decides who goes first.

Note: We recorded a practice season before this one hence the reference to previous episodes.


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