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It's one of the most epic battles in Battlecast history. Two of the ballerest protagonists in all of the late 90s. It's the most dangerous man in the world, with a bounty of 60 billion double dollars on his head, The Humanoid Typhoon, Vash the Stampede (Dan) of the much beloved anime, Trigun. He meets former soldier, wielder of materia, and main character of one of the most acclaimed RPGs of all time, Cloud Strife (James). All this goes down in none other than a map from Team Fortress 2. Perfect right? You'll see.

It's time to strap in and watch the world go KABOOM in this weeks installment of Battlecast.


Warning: Andy is the most confusing judicator ever.

Records after last episode:
Dan 1-1, Andy 1-1, James 1-1
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It's a very Valentime's Battlecast episode featuring more girls than have ever been on an episode of the show. What started as Dan vs. Andy then transformed into Dirk vs Andy which then transformed into Dirk's female guest vs. Andy's female guest. The girls choose Disney characters and we pull out our Disney themed wheel which places us in Agrabah. It's Elsa (Ava + Andy) vs. Mulan (Anneke + Dirk).

It's a whole new world of shitty Disney cross-overs. We love you.


Warning: Best. Hashtags. Ever.

Records after last episode:
Dan 0-1, Andy 1-0, James 1-1
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Welcome to the Australian Outback! A wonderful place where swarms of koalas and Crocodile Dundees run rampant. Andy has chosen the king of monsters, Godzilla (Andy), and James has picked one of his favorite characters of all time, The Man in Black (James) from everyone's favorite annoyingly question-not-answering ABC show, LOST.

It's Japanese radioactive super-monster vs. a mythical smokey enigma. Woo.


Warning: Be prapared to fear for your genitals.

Records after last episode:
Dan 0-1, Andy 0-0, James 1-0
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HAPPY ONE-YEAR BATTLECAST-VERSARY!!!! Yes. We've been doing this for a year now. And what do have to show for it save a lot of stories about handjobs and soiled trousers? A lot of fond memories, that's what!

We kick season 5 off (get it? oh wait I haven't mentioned the battleground yet...) at the big American Football game that decides the winner for that given year. The S***R B**L!!!!! It's Dan as adventure-loving canine, Jake the Dog (Dan) and James as enigmatic justice-killer, Dexter (James)! Who's going to take home the S***R B**L ring? Is T*M BR**Y going to throw for over 200 yards? Is R**SELL WI**ON going to do things too??! Maybe.


Warning: Sorry sports-fans.

Records after last episode:
Dan 0-0, Andy 0-0, James 0-0
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